Music Library

Our music director Phil DeWalt has put together a selection of music that is available on DropBox. Not all of the pieces will be played at the concert. In addition to the sheet music many of the selections have an audio recording to aid in your practice!

Music Library

New Rehearsal Location

Starting with our rehearsal on Tuesday, September 25th our rehearsal location is moving to the Center for Spiritual Living, 1014 W 39th St, Kansas City, MO 64111. Just a few blocks East of where we have been rehearsing.

This location has a dedicated parking lot and our rehearsal location is on the first floor.

Spring 2018 Concert

We will be rehearsals on Tuesday February 6th for our first concert.

The specific pieces we play will be chosen after our first few rehearsals and will largely be based on the group that comes together.

In general we will be playing a wide variety of works spanning periods from the renaissance to the 21's century, equally varied stylistically from jazz, ragtime, classical and pop to several of the classics composed for mandolin orchestras.